Privacy Policy

The privacy of users of the website MOTECH Agency (hereinafter the Site) is of primary importance to us. We ensure that you use our resources as safely as possible to obtain the necessary information or purchase the Services.

Confidential user data is collected when registering on the Site, for a specific event, and in other circumstances related to the provision of Services. The information specified by the User is used exclusively for the personal selection of Services or Goods that meet his needs.

Transferring the User's personal data to third parties is impossible, except for the cases specified in this Document.

Basic terms

1.1. The following terminology is used in the Policy:

1.1.1. User (subject of personal data) is a natural person who provides personal data for processing.

1.1.2. The Site owner is RegisTeam, the owner of the rights to use the Site, as well as all components included in it: information materials, graphic information, video content, databases, and other parts of the Site, including its design and domain name.

1.1.3. The Site Administration is a natural or legal person or a group of persons possessing a specific list of powers to manage the Site: moderation, posting of content, interaction with the User, as well as other actions with the use of the Site, approved by the Site Owner. The Site Administration performs its activities on behalf of the Site Owner.

1.1.4. Personal data (personal information) – contact or other information about the registered User, which can be identified by the Site Administration or the Site Owner.

1.1.5. Automatic collection of personal data – processing of the User's personal information using special software and equipment.

1.1.6. Processing of personal data - collection, storage, deletion, restoration, registration, accumulation, use, adaptation, change, transfer (in cases stipulated in specific clauses of the Privacy Policy), as well as other actions or a set of activities performed with the User's personal data, in including with the help of computer equipment.

1.1.7. Cookies are textual information that is stored on the device with which the User accesses the Site during the first visits. Allow identifying the User's device when re-opening the Site (save the login and password, other data).

1.2. The Parties interpret all definitions and terms specified in these Terms of Use following the Privacy Policy.

General conditions

2.1. By filling out the registration form, you provide us with your personal data. We guarantee their security and also allow you to change, export, and delete your personal data.

2.2. Familiarizing with this Site's Privacy Policy and protection of personal data allows you to learn how and for what purposes your personal information is collected and how you can manage it.

2.3. The Privacy Policy is an official document that operates with the Site's Terms of Use and the Public Offer. By using the Site, you confirm your agreement with the specified documents.

Collection and use of personal information

3.1 We collect and store personal data voluntarily provided by you and information necessary to improve or provide the Service, data that is automatically stored on the Site.

3.2. The above personal information may include:

3.2.1. Data collected automatically (User-agent, cookies, IP address).

3.2.2. Personally Identifiable Information. It is collected when the User registers on the Site. Personal data may include login and password, full name, e-mail. We use this information to send you personalized mailings tailored to your interests.

Automatic collection of personal information

4.1. The Site Administration collects only the data that will be needed to provide the Service or purchase the product. If mandatory information is requested, the User is notified.

4.2. During the stay on the Site, information is automatically collected about the device from which the User visits the Site, the links through which access to the Site was performed, the pages visited, IP address, operating system, and other parameters. All this is necessary for the Administration to combat fraud, improve the Site and analyze its effectiveness.

4.3. The use of cookie technology and automatic data collection allow the Site Administration to check the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns and also simplifies the User's work with the Site. If you do not want cookies to be transferred to a third-party resource, block this function in your browser settings. But keep in mind that with such blocking, the Site may not work correctly or access to some of its functions may be blocked.

Use of the Site by minors

5.1. The use of the Site by persons who have not reached the age of majority is prohibited.

Rules for processing personal information

6.1. Processing of personal data takes place on legal grounds to achieve legitimate goals established in advance. Personal information cannot be processed for any other purpose. Personal data must be destroyed or depersonalized if the objectives have been achieved or become irrelevant.

6.2. Personal data to be processed should not exceed the volume and content necessary to achieve the purpose.

6.3. The period of storage of personal data should not exceed the period necessary to achieve the purpose of processing.

Transfer of personal data to third parties

7.1. We do not transfer users' personal data to third parties, except in cases provided by the laws of Viet Nam, at the request of the owner of personal data, or in other situations considered in this Document. The Site Administration does everything possible to guarantee the security of the User's personal information.

7.2. For informational purposes, the Site contains links to third-party resources. This Privacy Policy does not apply to them. When accessing such third-party resources, please review their Privacy Policy before submitting your personal data to them.

Policy of cooperation of the Site with third-party resources

8.1. While visiting the Site, the User may interact with third-party resources or third parties whose page codes are posted on the Site. In this regard, the specified resources or third parties may receive and process information about the User's visits to specific pages, as well as other data provided by the User's browser.

Updates and changes

9.1. Changes may be made to this Privacy Policy, which are published on the Site. To avoid inaccuracies and misunderstandings, the Administration recommends regularly studying this Privacy Policy to be aware of the changes made.

9.2. For reliable storage of the User's personal data, the Administration uses and updates all possible security programs. The company monitors any changes in the norms of international law related to the Privacy Policy and strictly adheres to them. Employees undergo regular training in the field of personal data protection.